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5 Signs Your AC System Costs Too Much Energy and Money

You rely on your air conditioning system to keep you comfortable all summer long. You also expect it to run as efficiently as possible with very little intervention. Below are five signs your AC system in Murrieta, CA, is costing too much energy and money.

Dirty HVAC Air Filters

HVAC air filters trap pollen, dust and other pollutants that affect your indoor air quality. Dirty air filters make your HVAC system work harder to keep you comfortable, which lowers its efficiency. It’s recommended to change your air filters every four to six weeks during peak cooling season.

Low Refrigerant Levels

HVAC refrigerant is essential for the AC system to absorb heat and humidity and to remove them from your home. Low refrigerant levels cause your HVAC system to work inefficiently. If you notice a refrigerant leak, don’t attempt to handle it yourself; instead, contact an HVAC professional.

Older HVAC System

HVAC systems have a service life of 10 to 15 years, after which their efficiencies drop greatly. Older HVAC systems have serious wear and tear that requires frequent repairs. If you’re experiencing problems with your older AC system, it may be time to replace it with a newer, more efficient air conditioner.

Rising Utility Bills

A sudden rise in your utility bills is another sign of an inefficient HVAC unit. If there hasn’t been a sudden spike in temperatures, your system is likely inefficient and consumes too much energy.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes, a problem with an inefficient HVAC system isn’t with the HVAC system itself but with your thermostat. If you notice the air conditioning system has a problem maintaining the temperature in your home or shows inaccurate information on your thermostat display, you need to contact an HVAC professional for assistance.

Don’t let an inefficient AC system waste your time and money. Contact Magnolia Heating and Cooling today to learn more about the benefits of our preventative maintenance plans.

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