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Meet the Owners

Welcome to Magnolia Heating and Cooling!

Welcome to Magnolia Heating and Cooling!

We’re Eric and Brenda, a husband and wife team who started this journey together back in 1991. My fascination with how things work inspired me to earn an Associate’s Degree in HVAC & Refrigeration and to obtain both C20 and C46 Contractors licenses. These qualifications have been crucial throughout my career, allowing me to specialize in providing innovative and energy-efficient HVAC solutions for homeowners.

As a youngster, I always spent time tinkering with toys and mechanical things, I’ve always wanted to be hands-on. My dedication and deep understanding of HVAC systems have not only elevated living spaces but have also established me as a leader in the HVAC industry. In 2018, my expertise was nationally recognized when I was selected to join TRANE’s advisory board, my efforts contributed to shaping industry standards. I assisted TRANE engineers with upgrading ideas for the next generation HVAC systems.

Brenda’s path into community service began in high school leading exercise classes at the local senior center. She has been volunteering her entire adult life in classrooms, or leading the local Cub Scout Troop as Committee Chair planning activities and breaking popcorn sales records, she has consistently been a dynamic force in fostering community spirit. Her leadership roles have included everything from the PTA to organizing large-scale events for King High School’s track and cross country booster club. Now, with our children grown, Brenda dedicates her efforts to Magnolia, tirelessly working with schools to forge career opportunities for young people in trades such as HVAC, offering unwavering support to students from elementary through college.

Together, we’ve grown Magnolia into more than just an HVAC company. We’ve created a workplace that supports employee growth and a community presence that truly makes a difference.

In a proud acknowledgment of our continuous dedication to excellence and innovation, Magnolia Heating and Cooling was honored with the Global Recognition Award in 2024. This prestigious accolade, highlighted by Business Insider, celebrates our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and our role in advancing the HVAC industry globally.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. At Magnolia, led by us, Eric and Brenda, we strive to do more than just repair and install HVAC systems; we are committed to enriching lives and empowering the next generation through education and active community involvement.

“Blue Collar Awareness” and the “Magnolia Way”

It is not a lack of business, but instead the lack of young people having the desire to work in the construction field that is the biggest factor in the future of our industry. The ability to add staff without affecting the quality of the job required is becoming more difficult. “The Magnolia Way” is the reason the owner has strategically set the current pace of growth year to year. His goal is to ensure the quality of our brand remains reliable and true.

One of the main reasons customers pick Magnolia Heating and Cooling as their HVAC contractor is because of our great reputation across the internet. Maintaining a constant high customer rating is truly difficult to do in the HVAC industry. This industry is very competitive, so your experience can differ greatly depending on who your service provider is. We are selective in who represents our brand and we teach our staff “The Magnolia Way.” It takes a special personality and work ethic and about two years of mentoring to learn The Magnolia Way. This persistent leadership style is why we have the referrals and positive reputation throughout the Riverside area.

Eric is a leader in the industry. If you live or work in the Inland Empire and need air conditioning or HVAC service, calling Magnolia Heating and Cooling will guarantee a superior service experience from start to finish. Customer reviews and testimonials prove Magnolia Heating and Cooling to be leaders in customer service and providing the best solution.

Trust from Customers