What is Next in Our Story?

Magnolia Heating and Cooling has a mission to impact the youth in the community of Riverside.  One of the main reasons customers pick Magnolia Heating and Cooling as their HVAC contractor is because of our great reputation across the internet. 

Maintaining a constant high customer rating is truly difficult to do in the HVAC industry.  This industry is very competitive, so your experience can differ greatly depending on who your service provider is.  We are selective in who represents our brand and we teach our staff “The Magnolia Way”.  It takes a special personality and work ethic and about 2 years of mentoring to learn the Magnolia way.  This persistent leadership style is why we have the referrals and positive reputation throughout the Riverside area.   

“The Magnolia Way” is the reason the owner has strategically set the current pace of growth year to year. His goal is to ensure the quality of our Brand remains reliable and true.

Riverside AC and Heater Repair
AC Unit and Riverside Homeowner

The challenges facing our industry

  1. It is not a lack of business, but instead the lack of young people having the desire to work in the construction field that is the biggest factor in the future of our industry. The ability to add staff without impacting the quality of the job required is becoming more difficult.
  2. The jobs of future are changing at a rapid rate. Minimum wage jobs continue to steadily be replaced with technology or self-service.
  3. The need for mechanical technicians in every industry is only going to continue to grow as newer styles of machines and technology become more widespread.
  4. Experience and skill is what sets the value of any given employee.  Talented technicians are in high demand.
  5. Learning the skills to build, install, and maintain our constantly evolving comfort systems is an additional challenge. Experts predict the demand for technicians will only continue to rise through 2026.
  6. Not every high school student is an individual on a path to college. Construction is an excellent alternative to a 4 year degree program. 

Our Mission

Magnolia Heating and Cooling’s future mission is to help Riverside Unified School District expose the youth of Riverside to the pros and cons of working in the construction field.  Job opportunities include working as an engineer at all levels, energy auditor, green technology specialist, or conducting equipment performance Quality Assurance testing. Technicians of all levels have opportunities in construction servicing, maintaining and installing all types of HVAC equipment.

HVAC is an exciting field if you want steady work with great pay and plenty of opportunities for advancement.

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What Are We Doing in the Community?

  • Specializing Our Staff
    • We have a dedicated staff member to be the liaison between Magnolia Heating and Cooling and any of the RUSD schools.
  • We are the business partner for the Riverside Unified School District’s C.T.E. Program.
  • The owner’s wife Brenda Smith is a business advisor on the CTE District Advisory Board.
    • Brenda attends meetings and gives advice on how to get students into the technical workforce.
    • Brenda and Eric have a passion to help the next generation.
  • Scholarship Donations
    • Ramona High – Community College Construction Student
    • King High – ASB Recommendation – Best work Ethic
  • We sponsor numerous local Athletics programs.
    • Proud sponsor of local collegiate athletics:
      • Riverside City College
      • University California Riverside
      • California Baptist University
    • Proud Sponsor of High School Athletics
      • Martin Luther King High School
      • Poly High School
      • Arlington High School
      • Ramona High School
      • John W. North High School
      • Hillcrest High School
  • We have conducted campus visits.
    • Talking about careers in the construction industry in the high school classrooms
  • We have conducted student Field Trips to Magnolia Heating and Cooling’s Corporate Office.
    • Exposing kids to demonstrations of how airflow works
    • Explaining how a small business works.
  • We are in the process of building a Lab onsite.
    • This would expose Riverside youth to all the possible jobs in all types of construction-based industries
    • Be a center for additional training programs, i.e. “Bootcamps”
    • Help make our dream a reality
  • 2020 Best of Inland Empire Community AwardWinner of Press-Enterprise Best of IE Community Award 2020
Teaching Riverside High School Students about the HVAC industry
Eric Smith, Owner of Magnolia Heating and Cooling, instructs high school students about HVAC and careers on a field trip to the Magnolia facilities.
Magnolia Heating and Cooling AC Company Repair Team
Magnolia Heating and AC Truck driving by the Riverside Plaza in California

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