Professional HVAC Maintenance Service near Riverside & Riverside, CA

The HVAC system in your home is a complex mechanical device. It includes many moving parts that work together to heat and cool your home effectively. But without proper maintenance, these parts and will eventually start to fail. Magnolia Heating and Cooling is here to ensure your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency all year.

Safety Inspections and Seasonal Tune-ups in Riverside, CA

Think about your vehicle. You use it every day and drive it for thousands of miles. Without regularly changing the oil or realigning the tires, your car will eventually start to show signs of trouble. Your engine’s parts will begin to grind against each other, or a tire can blow out while you’re driving. This puts you and your loved ones in danger.

Your HVAC system is a mechanical device. It’s similar to a vehicle in that it requires regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. We recommend tuning your air conditioner up in the spring before the cooling season and your furnace in the fall before the heating season. That way, you maximize every energy dollar you spend.

Benefits of Signing Up for Our Preventive HVAC Maintenance Plan


Our preventive HVAC maintenance plan includes many great benefits. But the greatest advantage of preventive HVAC maintenance is the amount of money you’ll save. While signing up for our preventive maintenance plan is an upfront investment, you’ll receive long-term savings in the form of lower energy bills and reduced repair costs.

Our maintenance service covers the outside unit, indoor unit, thermostat and ductwork. Here’s some of the maintenance we’ll perform on your system:

  • Annual maintenance (2 VISITS per year).
  • 37-point safety/mechanical inspection.
  • Tighten all connections.
  • Clean/vacuum the furnace compartment.
  • Refrigeration inspection.
  • Add up to ½ lb. refrigerant.
  • Inspect ducting for air flow and leaks.
  • Wash permanent filter or replace customer provided disposable filter.
  • Check operation of thermostat.
  • Wash condenser coils.
  • Soft brush indoor air grilles.
  • Chemically treat and flush condensate lines.
  • Equipment replacement accrual ($50 per year).
  • 10-percent off total cost of repairs.
  • One free service call per year.
  • Check ductwork for leaks once per year.

Choose Magnolia Heating and Cooling’s Maintenance Services

Why_Annual_Tune-up_is_neededRoutine Services

  • $89.00 More than a TUNE UP = Air Conditioner or Furnace
  • $140.00 More than a TUNE UP = Both AC and Furnace

Magnolia Specialties

  1. 1 System: $280 per year
  2. 2 Systems: $440 per year
  3. 3 Systems: $650 per year
  4. 10% off any repair service
  5. We contact you to schedule: mail, text, email
  6. 2 FREE service calls per year for any issue (We will program your T-Sat)

Magnolia Heating and Cooling works closely with our customers to get to know their HVAC systems. After we install a new HVAC system, customers usually ask us to maintain it annually. That gives us the chance to keep detailed records on your system and understand it from top to bottom. Here’s why customers trust us with their HVAC systems:

  • We’ve been in business since 1951 and continue to be an industry leader.
  • We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist that carries and installs the best products.
  • We perform tune-ups, safety inspections and offer preventive maintenance plans.
  • Most of our business comes from customers who refer their family and friends.
  • Our core values are value, quality, loyalty, respect and craftsmanship.
  • We won the ‘People Love Us on Yelp Award’ in 2018.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of our preventive HVAC maintenance plan? Contact Magnolia Heating and Cooling today to speak with one of our friendly service technicians. We’re happy to serve homeowners in Corona, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Perris, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas in California.

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