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Have You Schedule Heater Maintenance Yet? Now’s the Time to Do So!

Whether you operate a furnace, a heat pump or a combination of both during the winter, maintenance is a vital service. Maintaining your heating system helps it keep your house feeling comfortable at a minimal cost to your finances and the environment. Here are the benefits home and business owners in Corona, CA, enjoy when they schedule professional heater maintenance early in the fall instead of later in the winter:

Maximize Energy Savings

Old or neglected heating systems work harder to warm a house, and they often don’t achieve the desired temperature. This added strain results in higher energy consumption, which increases your heating bills. Our service technicians will make sure every component works as it should, increasing efficiency and decreasing energy costs.

Reduce the Risk of Major Heating Repairs

Additional strain on your heater increases the risk of breakdowns. During a maintenance visit, our service technician will complete any required repair on the spot to ensure you don’t deal with a significant breakdown later. Ignoring a minor issue now will result in higher heating repair costs later and a disruption in home comfort.

Prevent a Premature Heater Replacement

When your heating system strains to warm your house, it breaks down more often. The more heater repairs you need, the higher your chances of requiring a premature replacement sooner rather than later. Considering the cost of a new furnace or heat pump, it pays to take care of the system you have now to maximize its service life.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

An added bonus of scheduling regular heater maintenance is that it lowers your carbon footprint, which helps you do your part to save the environment. The best part is you don’t have to compromise your comfort to do so. Our heating system check includes:

  • Install filter provided by the customer.
  • Inspect controls and safety switches.
  • Check blower wheel and motor.
  • Verify electrical connections are secure.
  • Check the operation of the thermostat.
  • Verify proper ignition of gas furnace.
  • Check for vibrations.
  • Inspect heat exchanger.
  • Check amp draws on motors.
  • Verify proper venting on flue pipe.

Don’t wait to schedule heater maintenance; maximize that investment by doing so today. Contact Magnolia Heating and Cooling to book an appointment.

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