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4 Reasons to Invest in a Residential Generac Generator in Corona, CA

Many of your daily tasks depend on a reliable electrical supply. Therefore, an outage can raise comfort and safety concerns. In this article, we’ll explore four reasons to invest in a residential Generac generator in Corona, CA.

1. It Enables Versatility and Boosts Productivity

You can use a generator to power areas of your home without electricity. A portable Generac generator can be indispensable for lighting garages, sheds and home offices.

According to power outage statistics, the State of California had more than 25,000 outages in 2019. The report also shows the frequency of outages seems to be rising with extreme weather changes. If you experience frequent blackouts, you may want to consider installing a generator.

2. It Powers Your Home During an Emergency

Since outages often happen during unfavorable weather, it’s wise to have a backup power supply option. Electricity is essential for lighting the pathways during an emergency.

In case of an accident, the emergency team can move through your home with ease. You can prevent trip-and-fall accidents during a blackout.

3. It Prevents Property Damage

A generator will also power your heating and cooling system to keep your home comfortable and protect valuables. A humid environment can damage wooden flooring and cabinetry.

You can protect the circuit from voltage fluctuations as well. The fluctuations may happen during grid-line switching when the electricity returns.

However, voltage fluctuations can also be an issue with your home’s wiring. If you spot flickering lights and frayed wiring, contact our electrical team today.

4. It Adds an Extra Layer of Security

A whole-house generator can power the entire building and will switch connections automatically. When you’re away, it can support both indoor and outdoor lighting to deter burglars.

A standby Generac generator will also support your home automation and security systems. As such, it adds an extra layer of security and protects your home.

A generator is essential in places that experience frequent outages. There are many options to choose from that can reliably power your home. If you’re looking for a generator installation service, consult Magnolia Heating and Cooling in Corona today.

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