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Why Magnolia Heating and Cooling should give you an EXPERT HVAC 2nd opinion

When a HVAC problem happens it is natural to want to solve it ASAP.  When you are dealing with home comfort getting a quick fix can be overwhelming.  We recommend doing a little research before making the first call.  The best 1st step is to search for a local HVAC business (HVAC Repair Service Riverside). A spontaneous internet search like (ac repair) can result in an extremely undesired experience.  You may end up using a third party like Home Advisor which will result in harassing calls for weeks or even months after the issue is solved.

Magnolia Heating and Cooling, is likely to be at the top of the list when searching for a reputable local HVAC service company.  If you don’t call us 1st we offer a 2nd opinion for only $75.00.  We recommend getting a 2nd opinion if the proposed repair is over $500.00.  The average service repair is $200-$400 if the issue is minor.  If the issue is major, you should definitely get another opinion. It takes a qualified skilled technician to accurately diagnose the problem.  Unfortunately, our industry has a limited amount of experienced technicians.  Most skilled techs would prefer to work in the commercial industry, so good residential technicians are hard to come by.  A competitor may send what the industry calls a sales technician, their goal is to sell products, not solutions.

Magnolia Heating and Cooling, has been in business for almost 70 years; which is proof we know what we are doing in the HVAC industry. Not to mention we have won notable awards in 2020.  Magnolia Heating and Cooling, won a community service award for its involvement in high school trade programs. We won the BIE readers’ choice award.  We are the industry leader in installing the most modern HVAC systems for the western region of the United States.  Magnolia Heating and Cooling, was awarded the most recommended HVAC service company on Nextdoor.  It is clear that Magnolia’s staff takes great care in delivering the best service experience around.  The certified experienced technician we send will diagnose the problem and offer a repair solution.  If you want to explore upgrading to modern solutions we are offering the most advanced product on the market.

In short:

  1. All HVAC contractors want to sell new systems. (Beware of replacement pressure)
  2. Magnolia Heating and Cooling will always offer a repair option. (We want what is best for the customer every time)
  3. Magnolia Heating and Cooling wants to gain a relationship not a paycheck.
  4. Magnolia Heating and Cooling takes steps to verify the recommendation we offer will solve the problem.
  5. Magnolia Heating and Cooling offers a 12 month NO BREAKDOWN guarantee.
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Striving for Excellence

Magnolia Heating and Cooling is a Riverside-based, family-owned business that provides residents within and the surrounding areas with superior HVAC services. If you live in

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