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If Your Furnace Makes These Sounds, You Need Us for a Repair!

One of the most appealing aspects of using a furnace to heat your Riverside, CA, home is that they operate in near complete silence. When a furnace begins making strange noises, it typically means there’s something malfunctioning inside of it. There are a few sounds a furnace makes that mean you need to call for our help immediately.

Clunking or Knocking Noises

A furnace that’s making knocking or clunking noises almost always has an issue with a fan. When a blade on the fan becomes loose or otherwise misaligned, it’ll begin hitting the walls that surround it, resulting in a knocking noise.

Another source of a knocking noise may be a belt that has cracked or become loose. Much like a fan blade, a split belt will bang into other components around it. To avoid further damage, contact us for a heater repair right away.

Humming Noises

It’s not uncommon for a furnace to make a barely audible humming noise on ignition. However, if that humming noise continues during the regular cycle of the furnace, it’s often a sign something is wrong. A fan that’s wearing out and a motor that’s near the end of its lifespan are both possible causes of this perpetual humming noise.

Scraping or Screeching

When one piece of metal drags across another, it creates a scraping or screeching sound. If that’s the sound coming from your furnace, it probably means a piece of metal is dragging across the metal casing of it. Whatever the source is, calling for a professional furnace repair is the best option to combat this sound.

If your heating system is making abnormal sounds, our team of licensed and highly skilled service techs can get things running right. Contact Magnolia Heating and Cooling today to improve your home’s efficiency and comfort.

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