What It Takes to Run a Successful HVAC Company in 2022

What It Takes to Run a Successful HVAC Company in 2022

Magnolia Heating and Cooling consistently lead the way for the best HVAC services in and around the Inland Empire. This family-owned, family-operated company has risen to new heights, and considering the present challenges the HVAC industry faces in the hyper-technological world, that’s no small feat. However, the youth of today do not have much interest in pursuing a trade like HVAC, and California legislation is changing the industry requirements in a way that also dulls interest.

Despite these difficulties, the owners of Magnolia Heating and Cooling, Eric and Brenda, have thought outside the box and have partnered with the Riverside School District. With this partnership, they are able to volunteer at the high schools and perform motivational presentations. Currently, they are holding bi-weekly presentations at Ramona High School’s construction classes. The goal of Magnolia is to inspire an interest in blue-collar trades and energize possible future HVAC technicians by highlighting the benefits of our trade. 

Electric heating and cooling products are the way of the future. Magnolia Heating and Cooling are at the forefront when it comes to California’s legislation and is ahead of the South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1111. The owners of Magnolia knew about Rule 1111 far before the competition. They carefully planned and took action, wanting to lead the path for installing all electric options in customers’ homes. 

Thorough manufacturer research showed that Daikin was the best overall HVAC product on the market. Magnolia partnered with Daikin and soon became their leading dealer in all of California, Nevada, and Arizona by 2020. Daikin took notice and wanted to discover how this small HVAC company became one of their top partners; they decided to have the company’s executives from Japan visit the Magnolia offices in the USA. This meeting led to the opportunity for Magnolia Heating and Cooling to create a dedicated Daikin product showroom. Daikin saw the potential in this small mom-and-pop company and invested in an innovative way to shop for a new HVAC system.

Despite all of the challenges and tribulations of the past years, Magnolia Heating and Cooling is performing stronger than ever and seeking to inspire the new generation of HVAC professionals of tomorrow. We’re a company that’s always looking towards the future, ready to showcase that we not only have what it takes to make it over the horizon but to be the leaders that pave the way there. 

If you’re interested in upgrading your home or building with the best HVAC systems for sale today, reach out to our team via phone or email for a free consultation and to learn more about our line of products!

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