Magnolia Heating and Cooling’s Billboard Contest Winners!

Even at the end of summer, these nifty characters keep us looking cool. Recently, Magnolia Heating and Cooling held a contest where customers send their Bitmoji art to us for a random drawing for a chance to appear on our billboards. This week, we’re proud to announce our winners for the areas of Central Riverside, Riverside Woodcrest, Corona, and Juniper Valley: congratulations to Sue, David, Mellissa, and Nichloe! We love the creative designs of your Bitmojis and can’t wait to see them waving to everyone driving by!

Winners will be contacted with more information about their participation and their appearances on our billboards; we thank every one of our valued customers for entering our billboard drawing contest!

Go To Company Billboard Winner David Go To Company Billboard Winner Mellissa Go To Company Billboard Winner Nichole Go To Company Billboard Winner Sue

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