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Surge Protection: Why It Matters in Your Perris, CA, Home

Do you know about surge protection is and how it works? Don’t worry; most homeowners in Perris, CA, only think of power strips when they read the words. But surge protection goes beyond protecting the electrical devices plugged into the outlets around your house. It means protecting your home’s entire electrical system and your safety.

Defining Surge

Surges occur as a natural result of electrical activity. They happen in all electrical systems. But our reliance on electrical equipment that contains sensitive electronics has necessitated the need to mitigate the damaging effects of surges.

Essentially, a surge is a measure of voltage of at least twice the electrical system’s root mean squared (RMS) voltage in a duration from one to several hundred microseconds. For example, you can classify a short impulse of less than one millisecond and greater than 240 volts in a 120-volt electrical system as a surge. Don’t confuse surges with swells or overvoltage, though. The former is when there’s a temporary increase in the RMS value of the voltage of more than 10 percent at the power frequency for eight milliseconds to one minute. The latter is the same but for a duration longer than one minute.

An estimated 65 percent of surges originate within a house. The remainder 35 percent are caused by external things like lightning strikes and utility grid switching.

How Surges Cause Damage

Surges can damage your most valuable electrical devices and your home’s entire electric system. Without adequate home surge protection, you’ll pay to repair or replace electrical items as surges occur. This can result in thousands of dollars in losses. What’s more, constant surges strain your home’s electric system. This added stress will eventually require you to replace the wiring, outlets and other parts of your electrical system. To prevent this, seek professional guidance to install whole-home surge protection.

Why You Need Surge Protection

Enjoying a high quality of life in your Perris, CA, home requires the use of electricity day and night. You depend on electricity to help your HVAC system deliver cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer. It’s what powers your refrigerator to keep your food fresh. The electricity supplied within your house must be at a level of quality to ensure your most sensitive electronic equipment operates safely and at peak performance.

Power-related problems cost U.S. homeowners millions of dollars in losses every year. Surge protection will help you protect your home, appliances and devices all the time.

Surge Protection Services

All it takes is one unlucky lightning strike to cut power to your house and destroy your most expensive electrical equipment. The unfortunate truth is that most homeowners think they’re protecting themselves by only using power strips. While these provide some protection, they aren’t enough if you want to protect your home and valuables from all possible threats. Investing in whole-home surge protection will do exactly that.

Magnolia Heating and Cooling works with electrical equipment like HVAC systems and surge protection. If you worry about how vulnerable your electrical equipment is to surges, contact us today. Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars in losses because you weren’t proactive enough to protect your expensive electrical appliances and devices. You can depend on our team to provide fast, reliable and friendly service from start to finish.

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