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4 Reasons Your Showers are Cold in Murrieta, CA

Water heaters are essential components in the house. It’s a frustrating experience when you get in the shower only to experience uncomfortable ice-cold water. Factors such as extremely cold incoming water, faulty dip tubes and having the wrong water heater size may lead to cold showers. Here are some reasons you may not be getting hot water in the showers in your Murrieta, CA, home:

A Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat helps in regulating the heating of water inside the water heater. When the thermostat develops a problem, your shower will end up releasing only cold water since it can’t increase water heater settings to produce hotter water.

Demand for Hot Water is Very High

When several outlets demand hot water from the water heater at the same time, your shower will produce cold water. A recent increase in the water demand may result from a recent remodel, a new showerhead or more than one appliance running at once, such as the dishwasher and washing machine. A small water heater is inadequate in meeting your usage needs, and you may need to upgrade to a larger unit.

Electrical Heating Elements are Faulty

The electrical heating elements of your water heater may fail due to their lifespan coming to an end or other faults. This occurrence results in the heater’s inability to heat up your shower.

Incoming Water Pressure is Low

The pressure of the incoming cold water forces the hot water through the outlets. When there’s a reduction in the incoming water pressure, your shower won’t give much hot water. The cause of the low water pressure may be a leaking pipe or a water pump that needs repairs.

Don’t want to take a cold shower ever again? Consider investing in a tankless water heater. Contact Magnolia Heating and Cooling to learn more about these efficient water heating systems.

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