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The Daikin FIT is the Best Heat Pump on the Market

The installation of a new HVAC system is a major home improvement project for any customer. It’s one of the largest investments you’re likely to make as a homeowner. As an award-winning company, Magnolia Heating and Cooling’s record proves we’re the industry leader in providing the right HVAC solution for any home. And as in-home comfort has become more essential than before, we strongly believe you should consider installing a Daikin FIT heat pump. Read on to learn why we recommend the Daikin FIT and what kind of rebates you may qualify for when installing one of these systems.

Step Into the Future With the Daikin FIT

Southern California has always been a leader in implanting environmental changes to the HVAC industry. In October of 2019, Rule 1111 was put into effect. The objective of this rule is to lower the carbon production of fuel-burning systems.

Subsequently, the owner of Magnolia Heating and Cooling, Eric, decided to research all the available options. In early 2019, he learned that California plans on moving to all-electric by 2024. For this reason, he focused on selling heat pumps in 2019. Eric’s next goal was to find who manufactures the best heat pump. His research led him to Daikin. Daikin has manufactured heat pumps since 1958 and has the most advanced comfort system on the market.

To this end, our most highly recommended heat pump product is the Daikin FIT. It’s a side discharge heat pump with an inverter-driven compressor. It even has a low dBa to cut down on the system’s footprint in your yard. For homeowners looking to maximize their home comfort and energy efficiency, it’s a real game-changer. Our company began installing the FIT systems in early 2020. To date, we’ve sold more units than any other dealer in California. As a result, we’ve been awarded as a Daikin sales leader for the first quarter of 2020 and are well on our way to winning the second quarter. Why were we able to achieve this level of success? The answer is simple: OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE THE DAIKIN FIT!

Get Major Heat Pump Rebates from SCE in 2020!

To support California’s goals of becoming carbon-neutral by 2045, Southern California Edison (SCE) has established a partnership with equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers to offer discounts on HVAC and water heat pump equipment for installation on existing residential homes in the SCE service territory. The heat pump rebates translate to deep discounts for California homeowners seeking to purchase new systems in 2020.

Subsequently, Magnolia is pleased to offer our CLEANair Furnace rebate up to $1200 off any new heat pump installed in 2020. This deal is only available for a limited time and while supplies last, so if you’re in the market for a new system (like a Daikin FIT), we encourage you to reach out ASAP for more details.

Let Us Handle Your New Daikin FIT Heat Pump Installation

The most important factor when doing an HVAC project is the quality of the installation and the company with which you choose to work. Magnolia has a proven track record for providing the best installation. We stand behind every job with a lifetime warranty on all of our craftsmanship. Call us today for a free estimate and for more information on our CLEANair Furnace Rebate!

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