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3 Reasons to Insulate Your Attic This Spring in Perris, CA

Attic insulation keeps heat from escaping from your home during the winter months in Perris, CA. However, in spring and summer, attic insulation keeps heat from transferring into your home. There are several reasons to insulate your attic in spring.

Maintain a Comfortable Indoor Temperature

Heat transfers from hot to cold objects and spaces according to the second law of thermodynamics. In spring and summer, the hot air outside will try to transfer heat to the conditioned air inside. You can ensure your indoor air doesn’t heat by insulating the attic.

Heat transfer can occur through small openings in the attic. Sealing these openings keeps your conditioned air cool.

Maximize Energy Savings

Homeowners can save up to $600 every year when they install attic insulation. Different types of insulation materials offer different insulation capacities with foam offering the most efficient insulation. Your home will feel cooler with insulation, and your AC system won’t have to run as long to maintain the desired temperature.

Research different types of insulation and find the best one for your home. You also need to note that attic insulation alone may not improve the energy efficiency of your home. You’ll likely have to perform other energy-saving tasks, too, such as sealing ducts.

Insulate Your Attic This Spring

If you plan to remodel your home in spring, it’ll be easier for you to insulate the attic. If your home is under construction, especially in the roofing or attic area, it’s easier to install insulation.

Spring is the best time to insulate the attic since the temperatures are still mild. Don’t wait until summer to insulate the attic as the temperatures will be higher. Insulating in spring gives you time to schedule repairs in readiness for summer.

Our service technicians at Magnolia Heating and Cooling can help tune your AC system up for even more energy savings. Call us today and talk to a professional.

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