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7 Myths of HVAC Debunked and the Real Truths

A bit of diligence and hard work are necessary for homeowners in Corona, CA, to keep their HVAC unit in prime working condition. There’s no limit to the advice regarding HVAC maintenance passed online and by word of mouth. Homeowners who ignore these myths and rely on tried and true HVAC maintenance will enjoy a properly functioning system for years to come:

Annual Filter Changes are Enough

Insufficient airflow is the root cause for many problems homeowners experience with an HVAC system. Your heating and cooling system needs a certain amount of airflow to function correctly. When airflow is poor, system performance will decline, and mechanical problems can develop.

Clogged filters can lead to blown motors and compressor problems when your system runs on its cooling cycle. The same problem can occur for your system when using the heating cycle with the additional threat of overheating. You can avoid many of these problems by changing your air filter once every other month.

Closed Vents Save Energy

You may have heard more than one person say closing vents in unused rooms represents a way to save money. But this practice can cause a dangerous amount of air pressure to build up in your system. Air leaks can also become a source of problems when you close or seal off vents. The irony attached to this inaccurate advice is that closing vents will increase the cost to heat and cool your home by allowing unconditioned air to mix with air already prepared for your comfort.

Bigger is Better With HVAC Systems

Many people think larger HVAC systems guarantee more comfort inside their home. The truth is a system possessing a higher capacity than needed for the space it needs to heat or cool may begin to switch continually through on and off cycles. The result is higher energy costs and possible system failure.

Location of Thermostat Isn’t Important

A thermostat placed too close to a window or in direct sunlight may not provide accurate temperature readings. These readings control when your system will kick on and turn off.

The inability of your thermostat to gather the correct information can make it hard to maintain comfort. You’ll do better to place your thermostat in a location that accurately reflects the temperature inside your home.

DIY Maintenance is Simple and Sufficient

DIYers show the same enthusiasm about performing their HVAC repair and maintenance they show with other things that need fixing around the house. But routine maintenance from a professional is necessary to keep your HVAC system operating safely and effectively.

Your HVAC system uses many complex components to function. Each of these components requires regular inspection to maintain the optimal function of your system.

A Fan Will Lower the Temperature

A running fan will only prove capable of moving air around in a room. And while a fan may make you and your family feel as if the temperature is lower in a room, no temperature change will occur. Additionally, leaving a fan running in an unoccupied space will only serve to add to your monthly energy bill.

Energy-Efficient Units Automatically Save Money

An energy-efficient unit will contribute to lowering your monthly energy bills. But your new HVAC unit may not be able to accomplish this feat on its own.

Air leaks around doors and windows will result in wasted air regardless of how efficient the HVAC system. A higher efficient unit also may not make much difference if your home is poorly insulated. Purchasing an energy-efficient HVAC system is one in a series of steps you need to take to lower your monthly energy costs.

You’ll appreciate the results if you ignore wise tales and allow professionals to care for your HVAC system. Call Magnolia Heating and Cooling to take care of all your HVAC maintenance and repair needs.

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