Magnolia Heating & Cooling, Riverside, CA – #1 Daikin Fit Dealer for 2020 – CA, AZ, NV

Congratulations to Eric and Brenda Smith and the entire team at Magnolia Heating & Cooling (Magnolia) for achieving the top spot for Daikin Fit sales in 2020 for California, Nevada, and Arizona!

Magnolia was established over 50 years ago and is a highly recognized and awarded HVAC company in Riverside, CA. This is a reflection of to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the buy-in from their team to do HVAC “The Magnolia Way.” Magnolia Website Screenshot Daikin FIT Magnolia Billboard Daikin FIT

Magnolia utilized a portfolio of marketing initiatives such as advertising, financing, and joining the Daikin Elite Development program to assist them in meeting their goal. To take it a step further, Magnolia was inspired by the Daikin Comfort Design Center in Lynbrook, NY and have begun to renovate a high-end retail location to create “Daikin by Magnolia,” a residential showroom to introduce Daikin inverter systems and their benefits to Southern California residents.

“I’ve known Eric for over 15 years from my time at EGIA and was excited for the opportunity to bring Magnolia over to the Daikin family. Eric and Brenda have a high bar for the ongoing success of Magnolia and their entire team has met the challenge. Magnolia has excelled in every category that we value in DCP relationships,” said David Warren, TSM – Daikin Southern California.

The challenge of ultra-low Nox requirements and embracing heat pump technology was daunting in Southern California but Magnolia has led the charge with the Daikin Fit and claimed the #1 spot for 2020 in all of California, Nevada, and Arizona!

Congratulations Eric, Brenda, and the whole Magnolia Team in their outstanding performance; it’s an honor to have you as Daikin Comfort Pros!

Daikin Top FIT Dealer 2020

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