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Common HVAC Thermostat Mistakes Made by Corona, CA, Homeowners

A significant problem that homeowners in Corona, CA, face is the high cost of heating and cooling every month. Unfortunately, how you handle your HVAC thermostat could be costing you. There are common ways of mishandling your HVAC thermostat that you should strive to avoid.

Common HVAC Thermostat Mistakes

The most common errors that homeowners in Corona, CA, make with their thermostats are:

  • Setting the wrong temperature: The right temperature is a gateway to comfort within the home. However, you may have set your temperature too high or low, resulting in wasted energy and higher energy bills.
  • Turning it on and off: You probably believe that the key to cost-efficient heating and cooling is by turning it off when nobody is home and then turning it back on when people are in the house. Unfortunately, this will cause your house to be too hot or too cold, and you’ll spend more trying to get it back to a comfortable temperature.
  • Setting it up in the wrong place: Thermostats measure the temperature of the room in which they’re located. Therefore, if you place an HVAC thermostat in a too cold or too warm room, it won’t measure the true temperate of the house. This will cause you to set the wrong temperature.
  • Adjusting for faster heating or cooling: The thermostat doesn’t control how quickly the house heats or cools. Instead, it sets a comfortable temperature for the home. Therefore, adjusting your thermostat to heat or cool the house faster won’t work. It only wastes energy.

Observe Your Thermostat for Faults

The proper function of your HVAC thermostat is essential for comfort in the home. Therefore, every homeowner should observe their thermostat for any unexpected changes or faults. If you notice any issues, don’t attempt repairs since this could make the problem worse.

Call Us Instead

For high-quality HVAC services, such as repair, installation and maintenance, call Magnolia Heating and Cooling. Our mission is to ensure your home feels comfortable and safe.

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