Are AC Filters Recyclable?

Are AC Filters Recyclable?

As we move towards an ever-increasing eco-friendly coexistence with our planet, we start to ask ourselves about the possibility of recycling even the most unexpected things. However, is it possible to recycle something that has been used to filter out allergens and pollutants? Take a look at what our knowledgeable staff of AC repair experts has to say about it below:


How Often Should I Replace My AC Filter? 

Most HVAC professionals will recommend that you replace your HVAC filter about every three months or so. This means that you’ll have about four used filters to dispose of every year. 


Are Home Air Filters Recyclable? 

It all boils down to what sort of HVAC filter you’re looking to recycle. A disposable HVAC filter is non-recyclable if it’s made with polyester or fiberglass, which is typical of most woven filters in homes. The fine materials are able to trap allergens and pollutants in your AC system and prevent you from breathing them in, but they can expose you to dangerous materials if you try to disassemble them to recycle the cardboard frame. 


Recyclable AC Filters

If you’re looking for a recyclable AC filter, then you’ll need to invest in a washable, reusable HVAC filter. A reusable AC filter is eco-friendly and economical while also being just as functional as its disposable counterpart. You will need to wash them out about as often as you’d change out a disposable filter, and you’ll need to make sure that it’s completely dry before placing it back into your system so as to prevent bacteria growth. 


How Long Do Reusable Filters Last? 

Recyclable AC filters are made of either plastic or aluminum framing and can last for years so long as they’re properly maintained. Although reusable filters are slightly more expensive, they’ll save you money in the long run when compared to the consistent re-purchasing of disposable AC filters. 

Magnolia Heating and Cooling know how to properly maintain and recycle AC filters so that we can all keep enjoying our wonderful planet for generations to come. If you’re ready to work with the greenest HVAC service in the business, then give us a call or email today to schedule an appointment

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