Why a Showroom?


Create a fun buying experience for the customer.


Allowing the customer to touch, hear & see products before a long-term commitment.


Make an interactive environment.


Showcase the latest technology.

Magnolia Heating and Cooling wants to improve how you as a customer purchase a new HVAC system.

For over 50-years customers have bought this 20-year investment sight unseen.  The AC system is the largest, most costly to operate and the most used appliance in your home.  Would you buy any other home appliance without seeing it, touching it, and testing it?  No, you’d probably go to a showroom and see it first. 

Like the automotive industry, HVAC dealers choose a brand and then have a line of equipment to offer the consumer.

Unlike automobile dealers, HVAC companies have to assemble the final product. To insure proper operation. Daikin is the brand of choice for Magnolia for many reasons. 

California leads the country by creating equipment standards.

Magnolia actively educates the consumer on the future trend of the HVAC market.  California’s goal is to have all homes gas free by the year 2040.  California is phasing out natural gas, the proposed plan would effectively ban the sale of natural gas appliances, with the state seeking to require the installation of all-electrical appliances in new homes by 2026 and in new businesses by 2029.  To keep homes relevant in the future we recommend upgrading to a Daikin heat pump system. 

Come see our showroom

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