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Ways a Smart Thermostat Can Save You Time and Money in Riverside, CA

The longest days of the year are in summer, allowing people to enjoy their time outdoors. However, those long summer days are sometimes uncomfortably hot, leading to constant use of your air conditioner. Below are five ways a smart thermostat helps you save time and money in your Riverside, CA, home.

Remote Accessibility

One of the great things about smart devices is the ability to access them no matter your location. When you go on vacation, you most likely turn off the air conditioner to save money since you won’t be home. When you’re on your way back, you can use the app to activate the cooling system, so your home cools down by the time you arrive home.

You can also access the other features on your smart device either at home or away. If you’re home, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your seat to check the temperature settings on the thermostat.

Behavior Recognition

Smart thermostats learn from patterns to provide the best experience possible. They learn what temperature you like when you’re asleep as well as what temperature to set during the heat of the day. They also know when you aren’t home.

When you’re home, they follow a program set to your specifications, but they’re also able to adapt if you don’t have a set schedule. However, if you aren’t home at that time, there’s no need to continue to cool the home. The smart thermostat uses its internal motion sensor with the GPS on your phone to determine when you’re home and when you’re about to arrive.

Separate Rooms and Connectivity

With the help of their built-in occupancy sensors, a smart thermostat can tell when someone is in a room. Instead of cooling your entire house to cool the hottest room, the smart thermostat just cools the occupied rooms. This saves a lot of money as you’re not cooling rooms that don’t have anyone in them.

Another fun feature is that they link with other compatible smart devices in your home. If the pollen count happens to be high that day, the smart thermostat can turn on your air purification unit to prevent allergens. The same with smart fridges, smart humidifiers and smart dehumidifiers.

Monitors, Reports and Alerts

A smart thermostat monitors energy usage from the heating and cooling system. It then provides reports you can read to track your usage and tips on how to save more money. This also saves you time as you don’t have to track it yourself, especially if you weren’t home most of the day and don’t know when the cooling system kicked on and for how long.

A smart thermostat will also send alerts to your phone if there’s a problem. Such problems would be that your AC unit needs repairing. Or, there could be an issue you need to address with one of the other smart devices it’s connected to in the home.

Weather Forecasts

As mentioned above, if the reported pollen count is high on a given day, the smart thermostat would turn on the air purification unit if there was a connection. Another thing that a smart thermostat can do is to connect to weather forecasts and adjust its programming to adapt to warmer or cooler weather. If the forecast somehow called for 65 degrees in the middle of summer, the smart thermostat would know and adjust its programming accordingly.

If you’ve decided it’s time to throw out your traditional thermostat and switch to a smart thermostat, now’s an excellent time. At Magnolia Heating and Cooling, we want to provide the comfort you want to go home to at any time. Contact us today for a smart thermostat installation.

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