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3 Types of Cooling Systems, How They Work and Their Pros

The scorching hot summer season in Corona, CA, makes air conditioning central to indoor comfort. But which system is best? The answer depends on your unique cooling needs. Read on to learn about the technologies and advantages of three of the most popular cooling systems on the market.

Stay Cool All Summer With Central AC

Firstly, whole-home cooling is the reason central air conditioning is most popular in homes in Southern California. Connected to a single thermostat, central air conditioning can maintain a consistently cool temperature through your entire property. A network of ducts keeps the air circulating through carefully constructed supply and return channels.

How does central air conditioning work? Like most modern cooling systems, central air conditioning relies on the cycle of refrigeration to keep you cool and comfortable. As the refrigerant evaporates into a gas, it extracts heat from the air. A blower directs the cooled air into the ductwork for whole-home distribution. The gaseous refrigerant gets sent to an outdoor unit where it’s condensed back into a liquid. The refrigeration cycle continues until the temperature matches the setting on the thermostat.

Customize Your Cooling with Ductless AC

If your home can’t accommodate ductwork, ductless air conditioning offers an appealing alternative. These innovative cooling systems feature individual air handling units linked through conduit lines to a single outdoor unit. Each air handler has a thermostat. As a result, this allows you to maintain different temperatures in different living spaces. Ductless AC has several advantages over traditional central air conditioning:

  • Ductless cooling systems install quickly with minimum disruption to your home or busy schedule.
  • A ductless air conditioner is the ideal choice for single-use applications like room additions or remodeled spaces.
  • By avoiding the energy loss associated with ducted systems, ductless AC can save you a bundle on cooling costs.
  • The absence of ductwork means you won’t have to worry about contaminants collecting in it.
  • Air handling units can hang on a wall, mount on the floor or suspend from the ceiling.
  • Hand-held remotes make it easy to alter settings from the comfort of your bed, desk or sofa.

Enjoy All-Season Comfort With a Heat Pump

Finally, whether it’s a ducted or ducted HVAC system, most cooling systems today are technically heat pumps. They get their name from the way that the system “pumps” heat from one place to another. Models equipped with a special reversing valve can keep you comfortable every month of the year. In the summer, they work like a standard air conditioner, pulling heat from the air and moving it outside. During the winter, they extract warmth from the outdoor air and condense it until it’s hot enough to keep everyone cozy and comfortable.

Heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling are available for central air systems and ductless units. Most models come in a range of efficiencies, sizes and price points. Our knowledgeable service technicians are readily available to help you make apples-to-apples comparisons. We’ll help you select the heat pump system that best fits your budget and matches your specific cooling requirements. As a result, you’ll enjoy enhanced comfort at the lowest price possible.

Comfort Solutions from Magnolia Heating and Cooling

The excessive heat of summer in Riverside County and the surrounding area can make staying cool indoors challenging. The secret to staying comfortable lies in choosing the AC system that corresponds with your precise needs. At Magnolia Heating and Cooling, our broad selection of cooling systems ensures you’ll find the ideal choice for your situation. Are you ready to learn more about installing a new cooling system? Give us a call for a free consultation that can make it easy to explore your options.

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