Improve Your Home’s Air Quality With an Air Scrubber Plus

You might be surprised to learn that the air inside your Riverside, CA, home is likely more polluted than the outdoor air. Cooking, cleaning, hobbies and products in your home all contribute to poor indoor air quality. Fortunately, you can improve your indoor air quality with an Air Scrubber Plus. Read on to learn more about this highly effective IAQ solution.

Capture Bacteria and Viruses

When you spend a lot of time inside, anyone who coughs or sneezes could release virus- or bacteria-laden droplets into the air. The next person who walks through the room could be exposed to the germs. The Air Scrubber Plus is a whole-house UV filtration system that inactivates bacteria and viruses. It’s effective against influenza viruses, the common cold, hepatitis A and more.

Reduce Odors

Odors are another common indoor air quality problem. Cooking produces a lot of fumes, and so does cleaning. Your hobbies or home projects, such as painting, gluing or burning candles, also produce odors. The Air Scrubber Plus removes volatile organic compounds, secondhand smoke, pet odors and odor-causing bacteria from your home’s air. If you’re sensitive to odors, you’ll breathe more easily with this UV filtration and catalytic ozone generation system installed.

Filter Particle Pollutants

Pollen, dust and other allergens are the most common indoor air pollutants. If you have a pet, their dander is another source of indoor air pollution. These particles are triggers of allergies, asthma and other breathing problems. The Air Scrubber Plus gets rid of particulate matter in your home. You may quickly notice fewer allergy and asthma symptoms.

With better indoor air quality, you may be able to breathe easier. Your overall health and well-being may improve, and your home will also be cleaner and fresher. To learn more about the Air Scrubber Plus and other indoor air quality solutions, contact Magnolia Heating and Cooling today.

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