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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Most people consider their pets to be a member of their family. Of course, they bring joy, happiness and company to our lives, but they also bring dirt, hair and dander into our homes. All of these impurities can find their way into our HVAC systems. But with the proper care and these simple tips, we can help preserve the cleanliness of our system and prolong its life at the same time.

Groom Pets Regularly to Reduce Shedding

When you groom your pet well, it not only makes them feel more refreshed but also reduces how much they shed. Less shedding means less pet hair finding its way into your HVAC system.

Vacuum Frequently to Manage Pet Hair

Vacuuming your home frequently will prevent pet hair from getting sucked into your HVAC system and ducts. Don’t forget to vacuum around your air vents to keep the excess pet hair out and prolong the life of your system.

Change Filters Often

HVAC filters require changing often to ensure the system is running at its full potential. Pet hair, dirt and other allergens can turn filters dirtier faster. You should replace filters once a month to maintain your system’s optimal performance and maintain the cleanliness of the air circulating your home.

Pet-Proof Your HVAC system

There are components in your system that can harm your animals if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Conceal and cover all cords. Putting a fence around outdoor HVAC equipment can add décor to your backyard and keep your animals from chewing on or damaging it. Not only is it a safety concern for your pets, but it can also become costly to repair the potential damage.

Mind the Doggy Doors

Many homeowners who have dogs also have doggy doors so that their animals can have access outside with minimal effort. While doggy doors may be convenient, they could be making your system work harder. When the animal uses the doggy door, the air inside your home is constantly fluctuating and your system has to adapt to the changes. This results in higher energy consumption and electricity bills. One way to cut down on costs is to make sure the doggy door has been installed properly so cool air stays inside.

Install Air Scrubbers for Additional Relief

If you have animals and suffer from allergies, installing an Air Scrubber can provide you with much needed relief. Air Scrubbers improve your home’s comfort level by purifying the air and removing allergens, dander and other impurities from the air circulating in your home.

Join the Total Comfort Care Maintenance Program

Our TCC membership is only $280 and covers your air conditioning and heating systems for the entire year. With a $730 value, the TCC membership has a variety of benefits. Our technicians visit your home twice per year to perform maintenance on the system. The technicians use an in-depth checklist to make sure your system is running optimally and clean its components to prolong its life. When you become a TCC member, you will receive 10% off parts, repairs and even filters! By having routine maintenance performed on your system, you can extend its life by an average of 10-15 years.

Give us a call at [custom_clientphone] to start protecting your system today.

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