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Everything You Need to Know About Smart Thermostats and Their Benefits

Homeowners in Riverside, California, pay some of the highest electricity rates in the country. When you consider that heating and cooling accounts for about half of your household’s energy consumption, you soon realize that saving money starts with optimizing your HVAC system. But how can you do that? Besides upgrading an old and inefficient HVAC system to a newer model that meets California’s Rule 1111 requirements, you can also invest one of the latest smart thermostats. By doing so, you’ll maximize every energy dollar you spend to heat and cool your home.

What are Smart Thermostats?

A smart thermostat is a relatively recent innovation that connects your HVAC system to the internet. Considering how much energy and money a smart thermostat can save, think of this purchase as an investment rather than an expense. You can install a smart thermostat yourself or hire an experienced professional to complete the task for you.

Save Energy and Money With a Smart Thermostat

Saving energy and money is on everyone’s mind today. That’s why smart thermostats have become one of the most popular HVAC purchases in the last few years. With a smart thermostat, it’s simple to schedule your HVAC system to operate less often while you’re away from home. You can program multiple heating and cooling schedules for every day of the week, or you can equip your smart thermostat to learn your daily habits and adjust the temperature accordingly.

How much energy and money you’ll save depends on your current heating and cooling habits. But estimates state that most homeowners in Riverside save 15 percent on cooling costs and 10 to 12 percent on heating costs.

Control Your Smart Thermostat From Anywhere

Since your smart thermostat connects your HVAC system to the internet, it allows you to control it via an app on your smartphone. No matter where you’re at, you can log into the app and adjust the temperature inside your home. By doing so, you can minimize energy waste while you’re on vacation and enhance home comfort right before you walk through the door. You can even use remote control to adjust your home’s temperature from the comfort of your bed!

Use Your Smart Thermostat to Track Energy Usage

Becoming a greener homeowner is easier when you upgrade your HVAC system with a smart thermostat. That’s because smart thermostats provide detailed energy usage reports that pinpoint where you’re wasting and saving energy throughout the day and night. You can use this valuable information to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing home comfort. Some smart thermostat manufacturers even offer rewards to energy-efficient homeowners.

Receive Important HVAC Maintenance Reminders

HVAC maintenance helps you save energy, reduce the frequency of breakdowns and prolong your system’s lifespan. But between working and taking care of the kids, it’s easy to forget to schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance.

You’ll never have another excuse to ignore your HVAC system when you install a smart thermostat. That’s because smart thermostats provide reminders to schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance or to change the system’s filter. Changing your HVAC system’s filter is critical to its operation. Maintaining a clean air filter provides these benefits:

  • Prevents particle pollutants from clogging your HVAC system.
  • Stops allergens from recirculating in your home’s air supply.
  • Reduces strain and the risk of requiring extensive repairs.
  • Helps maximize efficiency and keep energy bills under control.
  • Helps maintain good indoor air quality.

Do you want to enhance your HVAC system’s performance and become a greener homeowner in Riverside, California? Investing in a quality smart thermostat is an easy and inexpensive way to do that. Contact Magnolia Heating and Cooling today to learn more about these amazing devices. Our team looks forward to helping you save energy, money and the planet.

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