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When you hire a contractor to visit your home for a project, you hope and expect to receive high-quality workmanship from a proven professional. At Magnolia Heating and Cooling, we’ve built a strong reputation for providing engaging customer service and completing each job to the high standard that we’ve set for ourselves. We also expect that from our trusted partners.

If you’re in need of services that our team can’t complete, let one of our vetted partners handle the task. Whether you need an electrical repair, plumbing installation or duct cleaning service, rest assured we’ve chosen to partner with the best companies in our area to make sure our customers receive the care and attention they deserve. We’re pleased to refer the following businesses:

Large Commercial HVAC

Mechanical Air Control – (951) 352-9832


Trout Electric – – (909) 552-8662

HVAC Desert

All Knight H&C – – (760) 772-4947

Duct Cleaning – Riverside

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning – – (951) 386-3366

Plumbing – Riverside

Hovey Plumbing – (951) 737-2298

*Amy (951) 452-0642 – Our contact

General Contracting

Mathew Construction – – (909) 327-7081

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