Meet the Owner of Magnolia Heating and Cooling

Meet the Owner, Eric Smith

Owner, Eric Smith

Magnolia Heating and Cooling (MHC), is known as the company to call when you need an HVAC Expert in the Riverside area.

Eric Smith, the owner of MHC, was selected in 2017 to join a panel known as the Trane Dealer Council. Eric now represents business owners and dealers across the nation consulting with the manufacturer TRANE on new ideas and improvements in the HVAC industry. He is considered by Trane to be knowledgeable and technically adept in all HVAC-related areas. Eric has won awards from TRANE for selling and installing the most units in the inland empire the year the xv20i was released.

Eric is skilled in high efficacy systems. 80% of the new installations completed by MHC are over 17 SEER. The minimum is 14 SEER. MHC is often requested to design new system layouts for many custom homes.

To keep the staff trained and skilled in industry advancements, Eric meets with his service employees 3 times a week. In these meetings, Eric troubleshoots with the service technicians. Eric also directs the installation crew daily.

Due to knowledge and dedication of Eric Smith, Magnolia Heating and Cooling is respected throughout their industry. MHC, has been hired directly by the Management Staff from the City of Riverside and Wells Fargo Financing to solve issues involving mistakes other contractors make that cause them liability. MHC is a 90% residential air conditioning company but the 10% of commercial contracts MHC has are with some of the biggest organizations in Riverside. Their commercial customers include California Baptist University and Riverside Medical Clinic. These organizations choose to do business with MHC because of the superior level of service and the expertise they provide.

Another notable thing Magnolia Heating and Cooling does that offers, is to give back to the community by being a major sponsor at for local high schools and Riverside City College athletic departments. Supporting school sports is a big passion for Eric and his wife Brenda.

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The Heating Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry may not have advanced as much as telephones, but in the last 15-20 years the advancements have been significant and that makes upgrading your system an easy choice.

The high-tech advancements in components are making units more energy efficient than ever. HVAC systems are increasingly communicating between the indoor and outdoor controls while also reducing heat loss and maximizing dehumidifying processes. The systems also run quieter and are easier to use with touch screen, programmable user interface and multiple settings.

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