What is the Value of a Review?

When was the last time you took the time to write a review? Most customers do not make it a habit. Although, when considering doing a large job, the majority of customers will look at the company’s reviews before making a decision. During this stage of the process, you should consider the size and history of the business. In addition, realizing the ability each business has to collect reviews is a standard measurement procedure across the board. In a service business like ours, it is impossible to hide what kind of company you will be working with. Customers typically do not write a review about their service experience unless they are highly satisfied or dissatisfied. If a service business has more than 100 reviews and has a rating of 4.7 stars or higher, consider them highly rated. If a service business has more than 1 location and less than 100 reviews, that is considered suspicious. If a business has less than 30 reviews, they generally originate from a biased audience. 

Magnolia Heating and Cooling, is a group of people that care about each customer and value every job we do, delivering superior service and quality that cannot be matched. Our customers are extremely happy and recommend working with our company.  Read the words customers use to describe our company.  When you work with Magnolia Heating and Cooling you experience a true family business.