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Magnolia’s 4 Interesting HVAC Finds

What should you know about HVAC Maintenance?

Your HVAC system is a working machine that need routine service, much like a car does. The average HVAC system runs for 3,300 hours per year. If that was your car driving at 35 mph. you would have driven a whopping 115,500 miles. It is important to have a certified technician check your HVAC systems moving parts to avoid major malfunctions. Air flow and refrigerant charge in a HVAC system is key to efficacy and proper operation. If your system is working too hard it will break down faster and cost more to operate every month. We recommend getting a maintenance service done at least 1 time per year for systems under 5-year-old and 2 times a year for systems older than that. The average life span of a HVAC system is 15 years or more depending on the care and maintenance. Most of the systems we routinely service last over 20 years. Sadly, we have replaced units only 8 to 10 years old because of improper installation and or lack of maintenance.

Call today for a complete system safety inspection for $95.00 getting this service will include a cut to fit filter and a 12-month no service fee GUARANTEE! (if your system breaks down up to one year after our service we will come back for FREE.)

Why does an air conditioner need recharging?

HVAC systems refrigerant or (Freon) should be hermetically sealed and should NOT require adding refrigerant charging. If your system requires refrigerant it may have a leak. If you had a small leak in your tire; would you get it plugged, or keep filling it with air? A lot like a tire, the leak will continue to allow refrigerant to vent into the atmosphere. Unlike air refrigerant is not free and is not good for the environment. Sure you can add more refrigerant but it will just leak out. An air conditioning system allowed to run with a low refrigerant charge will cause unreversible damage to your system. Which will shorten its life expectancy, and or cost you more on your utility bill every hour you run the system. We recommend a long term solution. Have an EPA. Certified hvac technician locate and repair the refrigerant leak. This will cost more upfront but in the long run you will be in a better place.

Call today for a complete system safety inspection for $95.00 getting this service will include a cut to fit filter and a 12-month no service fee GUARANTEE! (if your system breaks down up to one year after our service we will come back for FREE.)

How much should an air conditioner cost?

$7,200 and Up – The price of a new system varies based on the work involved. Most customers chose to get a complete upgrade. This can include moving the condenser, (outside unit) to a more convenient location, and relocating the furnace to the attic is an option. Replacing the ductwork and redesigning the runs (moving vents) or possibly adding zoning (adding thermostats to separate living spaces) will increasing the comfort level of the home. Replacing the insulation also makes sense when doing a new HVAC installation. There are many factors in the pricing of new system, much like a car the base price is much different from the full loaded model. The size of the system is a factor and the SEER rating (efficacy) you chose will determine much of the price. We recommend meeting with a comfort consultant to educate you on what is best for your home specifically. Every job we do at Magnolia Heating and Cooling is completely custom.

When considering installing a new HVAC system the biggest factor is choosing the right contractor to do the job. We pride ourselves on being known by our customers as the BEST Contractor they have ever worked with. We have been in business for over 71 years and our experience and knowledge guarantees comfort you want to go home to. Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE

What should you know about HVAC Maintenance Contracts?

Signing up for a Maintenance Contract is to your benefit.  Selecting and being loyal to a HVAC contractor like Magnolia Heating and Cooling will insure quick response when you have a problem, we will know your system and have the parts required to do any repair necessary.  Your system will be checked and tested in advance to the changing season to prevent break downs.  If your system needs to be replaced, you will be the highest priority in the scheduling.  We will give you a discount based on the number of years of loyalty.  We hope to build relationships that last.  Maintenance customers get to know the service technicians, and the office staff and look forward to the seasonal visit and reminder phone call.

Maintenance contracts: $140 Basic – $280 Full Service

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