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Ductless Mini Split

What's best for you a, “forced air comfort system” or a “ductless mini split system”? A forced air comfort system is what most homes in the Riverside, Ca. area have delivering conditioned air throughout the home. This type of air conditioning system if engineered, designed, installed and maintained is a great way to deliver cooled and heated air to each room in your home. Although this doesn’t mean it is the right system for you. Some homes were not designed with air ducts in mind, or running air ducts to an addition or a man cave in your garage may not be feasible or cost-effective to heat or cool these areas. If you find yourself with any of these concerns or others not mentioned we have a solution for you. A properly engineered, designed and installed ductless mini-split system may be the right solution to properly heat and cool your home.

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Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo
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Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo
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What is a ductless mini split?

This air conditioning system can be either cool only or a heat pump providing both cooling and heating. This comfort system consists of an outdoor unit called a condenser and an indoor unit. These units are connected by concealed copper refrigeration lines and an electrical circuit. This set up allows your home to be conditioned with either warm or cool air without the use of air ducting or ductwork.

Why more and more homeowners are going to ductless?

Utility cost of heating and cooling the home and greater overall comfort are just a couple of reasons why homeowners are choosing to go with a ductless mini split in the Riverside, and Inland Empire area. Mini split heating and cooling systems typically have a higher SEER rating over standard forced air comfort systems. The ductless mini split is able to deliver conditioned air without the use of an air ducted system. Sadly air ducted systems that are not properly installed or sealed waist around 28% of the heated or cooled air causing a forced air system to run longer than necessary. A ducted mini-split system can have multiple indoor heating and cooling units. This will allow you to provide comfort to any area you want with or without conditioning the rest of the home. For example, while you are sleeping you can keep the sleeping areas at a warmer or cooler temperature without heating or cooling the common areas like the kitchen and or living room.

Installation and replacement of a ductless mini split system

The single most important thing to consider when having a ductless mini split system installed in your home is choosing the right air conditioning contractor. In order to get the most comfort and lowest cost of operation, you will need to have the system properly matched to your home. In addition to the right size heating and cooling mini split, you will need to make sure it was installed per manufacturer specifications and local building codes. This is the reason people in the Riverside, Ca. area choose Magnolia Heating and Cooling to install or replace their ductless mini split system. Our time-proven installation process is what guarantees optimal heating and cooling efficiency, comfort, and performance. Give Magnolia Heating and Cooling, your local ductless mini split installation and replacement company a call to set up your free in-home consolation.

Maintenance and repair for a ductless mini split system

Just like any machine, your air conditioning system is going to require routine maintenance and down the road, you may need to have your ductless mini split system repaired. Our dedication to being the best ductless mini split service provider in the Riverside, Ca. area, our service technicians attend ongoing training. So if you are in need of a maintenance or repair service call Magnolia Heating and Cooling your local ductless mini split expert.

Ductless mini split service near me is a call away

Magnolia Heating and Cooling have serviced the local Riverside, Ca. area for over 67 years. We are the service company you can rely on to provide professional maintenance, replacement or service on your ductless mini split system. Contact Magnolia Heating and Cooling the ductless mini split service near me company now to experience the quality of service you deserve.

Our customers feel confident every time they call Magnolia Heating & Cooling. With over 67 years of experience serving the Riverside area, we offer technicians who can quickly get to the root of problems, or expertly install brand new systems, if needed.

At Magnolia Heating & Cooling, not only are our certified and friendly technicians able to repair all your air conditioning and furnace equipment, our office staff is friendly and helpful. Whether it is not cooling or heating, a bad compressor, a faulty igniter or a strange noise or smell you can trust us to fix it right. We stock many components in our service trucks to help get your system back up and running quickly.