Load Calculations

Manual J load calculations are the hallmark of a properly designed system. This calculation allows us to specially design a comfort system for your home. When we come out to design your new comfort system we take a look at the whole home to insure you get the most comfort and highest efficiency possible.


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City permits are required by the California state license board and every city/county. This is for your safety. The city inspector is going to check the installation and make sure it is compliant with local city building codes. That's it. No surprises!

H.E.R.S Rater

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The H.E.R.S. rater is an inspector. He will verify that the newly installed heating and air conditioning system is operating efficiently. This is just as important as the safety inspection. If you system is out of compliance you will pay approximately 30% more than a system that is in compliance.

Quality Assurance Visit

Our Master Technicians complete all of the testing required. They will ensure your system is performing at its best by checking refrigerant charges, balancing air flow, and setting up T-Sat programming.