Magnolia Commercial HVAC Services

The number one reason cited by tenants for refusing to renew their lease is poor heating and air conditioning in their building. What are you doing about it?

Your air conditioning equipment works hard, and needs to be kept in tip-top shape. Magnolia Heating and Cooling offers a program of planned maintenance performed at scheduled intervals. Here are some of the benefits Magnolia Heating & Cooling provides:

  • Planned maintenance means longer lasting equipment, reducing replacement costs.
  • Planned maintenance results in fewer breakdowns, meaning fewer expensive repairs or aggravating down-time.
  • Planned maintenance gives lower utility bills because equipment kept in shape runs more efficiently.
  • Planned maintenance customers get priority on emergency repairs; our commercial maintenance customers always go the head of the line.

Magnolia Heating & Cooling also offers Indoor Air Quality options to allow monitoring and reduction of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other indoor air pollutants. Our in-house installation department means rapid replacement of worn-out equipment, or system changes required because of office remodeling.

Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo
Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo

Trusted by Companies Throughout the Inland Empire

Magnolia Heating & Cooling Service is second to none. We provide HVAC maintenance and service to some of the most prestigious customers in the Inland Empire, and they couldn't be happier!

We take our customer satisfaction seriously, and mean business when it comes to your account. We have deployed the best systems and techniques to ensure that your account is mated with the perfect technicians who know your specific equipment inside and out...when it comes to sensitive mechanical equipment, nothing beats experience. We use computerized dispatch and tasking to ensure a fast response, and a job that is done right the first time, by an expert!

If you are just beginning your partnership with Magnolia Heating & Cooling, you will immediately notice the attention to detail. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your equipment, and are relentless when it comes to making sure your mission critical systems are functioning perfectly.

Many service companies have a "get in and get out" approach. It is unfortunate that some would sell bargain basement agreements that have so few man hours committed; they leave little time to change filters, let alone perform the necessary maintenance to ensure your systems work when you need them most. Magnolia Heating & Cooling provides you with solid assurance that your facility will be maintained the right way.

Commercial Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Service

Magnolia Heating & Cooling will provide a Service Program designed to thoroughly evaluate your system’s performance characteristics. Your system will be operating at its maximum efficiency providing clean, reliable comfort for your occupants.

Computerized Maintenance Scheduling

Our CSP and ASP Service Programs includes computerized evaluation of your equipment’s needs. Utilizing manufacturers recommendations, equipment run times, equipment age and over fifty years of experience, Magnolia Heating & Cooling will custom-design a program to meet your needs.

Maintenance Supplies

All required maintenance supplies such as lubricants, coil cleaning solutions, chemicals, rags, oils, etc. are included in your Magnolia Heating & Cooling ASP Service Program.

Program Management & Administration

Magnolia Heating & Cooling provides assurance that your maintenance needs are met. Careful scheduling of technicians, materials and parts allow peace of mind, knowing your systems are taken care of properly. Detailed reports will provide updated information regarding your equipment’s status.

Predictive Maintenance Service

Predictive Maintenance Services are performed to detect early signs of deteriorating performance and to predict potential system failure. Corrective actions can be taken in advance of costly disruptive breakdowns.

Air Filter Service

Our Programs maintains the equipment filtration systems in order to reduce the contamination of the systems and assure the quality of air delivered to the occupants. Filters have a significant effect on a building’s operating energy costs as well as occupant health.

Repair and Replacement Labor

Magnolia Heating & Cooling Service Program will provide expert technicians to repair or replace worn, failed components and parts. This assures that interruptions are minimal and systems achieve their maximum efficiency.

Emergency Response Service

Magnolia Heating & Cooling maintains a fleet of service vehicles fully equipped to handle any HVAC emergency 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. Our technicians are dispatched utilizing computerized customer information to assure the right person responds to every emergency in a professional expedient manner.

Temperature and Safety Control Service

Proper calibration, testing and maintenance of the temperature and safety controls can reduce occupant complaints, eliminate excessive usage and assure the safe/efficient operation of your mechanical system.

The Magnolia Difference!

At Magnolia Heating & Cooling, we specialize in providing our customers with customized maintenance programs to fit their needs. This benefits you with:

  • Increased life expectancy for equipment
  • Greater efficiency from equipment
  • Increased equipment performance
  • Early detection of equipment problems
Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo

Magnolia Heating & Cooling is your best choice for service because:

  • We have 60 years of service experience in Southern California.
  • We have over 400 Service Agreements in effect today.
  • Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced professionals, who ensure the job is completed properly the first time.
  • Our wireless digital communication and dispatch assures prompt and effective service.
  • Our computerized scheduling and tasking ensures the right service is performed at the right time.
  • Magnolia Heating & Cooling Service Programs are proven to be cost-effective.

Magnolia Heating & Cooling offers several Service Program options to provide you with customized service. The benefits of having equipment under agreement with Magnolia Heating & Cooling include:

  • Maximum energy efficiency, by fine-tuning each segment of the mechanical system
  • Extended useful life of your equipment
  • Improved System Reliability
  • Improved environmental and comfort conditions for building occupants
  • A cost for maintenance that is fixed for your budget
  • Reduced overall operating expense
  • Single-source responsibility
  • Peace of mind