About Our Commercial Division

Magnolia Heating & Cooling, Inc was founded in 1951 in Riverside, California. What began as a "one man operation" has become one of the leading commercial HVAC companies in the Inland Empire!

Magnolia Heating & Cooling employs over 15 talented individuals who make up the Magnolia Heating & Cooling family, and while we may not be the largest company out there, we are considered by many to be the best.

Magnolia Heating & Cooling is a service company, first and foremost. We are service oriented, and our number one priority is complete customer satisfaction. While some other companies pretend to put service first, they fall short because they focus on large construction projects and agreements that amount to little more than filter changes twice a year! We choose to take care of you the right way, the first time.

We provide you with better value, and a better relationship. You and your company are not an account number at Magnolia Heating & Cooling. From the moment we receive your call for service, you become our first priority. We provide computerized dispatch and tasking, allowing for extremely fast response, and the right technician for the job.

You get a personal customer manager, and you will usually see the same techs at your site, troubleshooting issues and performing maintenance. We believe that our customers feel more comfortable knowing "their" technicians names and backgrounds. We assign technicians that are "fitted" to your equipment.

Each one of our technicians are experts with your equipment, and know it specifically. We provide constant training for the equipment they work on daily, so they can help you correct the issue fast. Some companies prefer to send out apprentices to get the job done. That only means you are paying for their lack of experience on your mission critical systems while they learn. Our technicians are some of the most respected and most knowledgeable in the industry. You get a pro every time!