What is the Air Scrubber Plus?®

The Air Scrubber Plus® manufactured with ActivePure™ Technology is a revolutionary new indoor air quality enhancing system that is designed to significantly reduce VOC's (chemical odors), air pollutants, pollen, dust, mold, odor-causing bacteria and odors caused by cooking and pets. This system freshens, cleans, and purifies the air inside a commercial building, home or office space by using specialized germicidal UV light wave technology infused with a unique and proprietary catalytic process that establishes enviro-scrubbing molecules of hydrogen and oxygen - just like trees and plants do daily.

Air Scrubber Technology Protect Your Home and Family

The Air Scrubber Plus® is a full-service indoor air quality enhancer. This means that your countertops, tables, air ducts, doorknobs, bathrooms and everything you touch inside a home or office space is cleaner - which vastly helps improve overall indoor comfort. This system is best used in combination with any indoor air circulation device - including fans, HVAC systems, heaters, and AC units in Phoenix.

Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo
Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo

After the Air Scrubber Plus® has been installed; it goes to work immediately by following the same pattern that Mother Nature establishes to clean the outdoor air we breathe daily. It's really simple: 

  • First - The air inside your home passes through the Air Scrubber Plus® 
  • Second - The air is then transformed using ActivePure™ Technology 
  • Third - the ActivePure™ built in scrubbers travel through the ductwork of your building and spread clean air to every corner of the building - essentially purifying and cleaning the air inside the entire location.