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AC Maintenance & Repair Services

If you need a HVAC repair or maintenance service done, we are the company for you. Once we perform a maintenance service or tune up on your air conditioner or furnace it will operate much better and more efficiently. Having routine maintenance done is recommended and will help lengthen the life of your system.

Routine Services

  • $89.00 More than a TUNE UP = Air Conditioner or Furnace 
  • $140.00 More than a TUNE UP = Both AC and Furnace

Magnolia Specialties

  1. 1 System: $280 per year
  2. 2 Systems: $440 per year
  3. 3 Systems: $650 per year
  4. 10% off any repair service
  5. We contact you to schedule: mail, text, email
  6. 2 FREE service calls per year for any issue (We will program your T-Sat)
Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo
Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo
Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo
Magnolia Heating & Cooling Photo

Customers that are on a maintenance contract HVAC system will run efficiently and trouble-free. In addition, regular maintenance ensure warranties and extended warranties remain valid. Manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance is completed by a certified technician if there is ever a warranty claim. We document each visit and keep a service history for every customer so your warranties will remain valid.  Customers who have older systems, having regular maintenance and inspections is just as important but for different reason. Increasing the unit’s efficiency, getting technical recommendations on potential problems will increase the life of the system.

Additional Maintenance Services

  • Check air scrubber bulb
  • Check for electric short circuits
  • Check for duct problems
  • Check quality of exposed wiring
  • Check furnace filter
  • Check carbon monoxide detectors and test each detector
  • Check for sizzling or hissing sounds from system
  • Check coolant levels
  • Check water overflow protection
  • Check for explosive gas leaks
  • Check over amp protection
  • Check surge protector
We guarantee all our work for 12 months. Our staff of service technicians are trusted, trained, skilled and background checked. 80% of our annual new customer’s came from a referral of a happy customer just like you.  In this generation reviews are everything for your peace of mind we are highly rated across the internet, our reputation is our product.  We are a company that truly values your business, when you contact us you will be greeted with a happy friendly and helpful voice.  Our office staff understands if you are calling for a repair this might not be the best day you had this week.
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When should I schedule my AC maintenance?

When winter is winding down, folks in our area are getting ready for the warmer days ahead. You might want to schedule your HVAC maintenance during the transitional spring season when we're switching from heat to air in a single day.

Top 4 reasons to schedule regular AC maintenance

Replace Any Worn Parts
Parts wear out, no matter how durable modern HVAC systems are designed to be. If it's been a while since your last maintenance appointment, spring is a great time to make that call. Your HVAC contractor can identify any worn parts before you're left to suffer in the sweltering heat.

Extended HVAC Lifespan
Annual HVAC maintenance is a must to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Scheduling a spring maintenance ensures your system is properly lubricated and clean, which is essential after the long winter months. Regular maintenance also prevents breakdowns and avoids costly replacements, which is something you don't want to have to deal with in the heat of summer.

Improved Air Quality
Our homes tend to get stuffy in the winter. Spring is a great time for opening the windows and letting in the fresh air, but our HVAC systems can also help when they're properly maintained. A good spring cleaning takes care of clogged air filters, dust buildup, and other issues preventing your family from enjoying the healthiest indoor air quality possible.

Avoid the Rush
One of the best benefits of scheduling your HVAC tune-up in the spring is that you probably won't have to wait long for an appointment. Frantic calls are much more common during summer and winter when people need cooling and heating the most, which tends to keep us HVAC contractors on our toes. With a spring appointment, you'll beat the rush!

Don't put off your annual HVAC maintenance any longer. Schedule your spring tune-up with Magnolia Heating and Cooling today by calling 951-688-3524 or requesting an appointment online. We'll ensure your home stays comfortable no matter the season.

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