Rudy – Lead Installer/Technician

Rudy - Magnolia Heating & Cooling staffRudy has been in the HVAC profession for over 10 years. Here at Magnolia for 6 years he is a key member of the installation team. He continues to surprise us with his skill, craftsmanship and technical knowledge. He always has a smile on his face and a joke in his pocket making customers and staff laugh regularly. Rudy enjoys working with new staff sharing his experience, knowleadge and teaching them new skills. We hope his work ethic and character will rub off and it does.

Some interesting facts about RUDY

  • Sagittarius (December 16)
  • Rudy has 2 turtles named Shiba and Roky.
  • His favorite things and what he can’t live without are: air, music, and tacos.
  • He loves to DJ at the big high end clubs in Vegas during EDC.
  • The best place Rudy thinks he has traveled is Aspen, Co.
  • He also has won the science fair twice!
  • Rudy’s absolute favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie.
  • His greatest fear is the return of Prohibition.


This is the second time we have used Magnolia Heating the last time was an installation over 15 years ago, I was impressed then and even more so this time. The system used to determine exactly what was needed for our specific home was right on. Steve, Mike, and Rudy were knowledgeable, polite, kept us informed on what was being done and most importantly they cleaned up after they were through. Great guys. Eric was also very professional, knowledgeable and took the time to answer all our questions.” The entire team is outstanding!
R. Bessett

This service is GREAT!! My old unit was ineffective, for sure. Rudy from Magnolia spent hours with me explaining this new furnace and air conditioner. He was so patient. Then Rudy came the next day and determined, with us, what model we needed. He called the next day to say that we didn’t need that big a unit (5 ton) and that a 4 ton for our big house was plenty; we saved $1000. They aren’t the cheapest; however, they go over and above to get it right the first time. My installers–Rudy, Mike, and Steve–worked hard over two days and then offered to bring my big trash cans from the curb! They were diligent and kind. Really—This was a great experience–and every room in my house is cool!!!

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