John – Expert Service Technician

John - Magnolia Heating & Cooling staffJohn earned his HVAC Certified through a Community College and has been in the HVAC industry for 8 years. He joined the MAGNOLIA team 5 years ago. He is our solution finder improving home comfort by fine tuning the system to insure it operates at peak performance. His favorite thing to do is meet new people. He is our first choice to send out to new customers but often is booked up servicing existing customers who requested him. He finishes his jobs as the number one tech in customer satisfaction.

Some interesting facts about JOHN –

  • Aries (March 31)
  • Married over 10 years with 3 adorable children.
  • His 2 fur babies are a pit bull named Aria and a cute fat little mixed puppy named Baemax.
  • Be careful making cookies with him you might find yourself without enough cookie dough!
  • John enjoys helping out at his Church every Sunday.
  • The favorite places he has traveled are Idaho and Montana (God’s country).



John and Steve are both very helpful. They both explained everything in the language that I could understand. Thanks Magnolia Heating and Cooling

Randy W.

Your service man was polite and informative. He took time to answer my questions and to show me how to operate my heater thermostat. he ordered filters for my heater which were delivered in less than 24 hours, Thank you.

McCalla M.

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