Brayan – Service Technician

Brayan - Service TechnicianBrayan has worked for Magnolia Heating and Cooling for 2 years now.  He joined our team right out of trade school. Brayan was hired to assist our installation department and manager.  He has learned a lot and excited to be a part of the service team.  He was promoted to the service team in October of 2019 as our newest Maintenance Technician. Brayan was eager to begin his training and after watching him go above and beyond with our customers, we knew he was going to be a good fit. He is always working with a smile on his face and a skip in his step; soaking up all of the information and knowledge he can to help reach his goal of being one of Magnolia’s Service Technicians.

Some interesting facts about BRAYAN –

  • Scorpio (November 10th)
  • Brayan’s favorite thing to do is going to the gym.
  • His favorite place to go is Disneyland.
  • He cannot resist seafood and is a HUGE Harry Potter fan.
  • Brayan won Employee of the Month in October 2019


Live your life to the fullest and enjoy the small things.

I happen to work with several air-conditioning companies through my job. Naturally when I had to replace my own system Magnolia was an easy decision. Installation was a breeze. Ronnie and Mike had the whole place taped off ahead of time so they wouldn’t leave a mess. I actually think my place looked cleaner after they left! They removed my old system, installed the new, and showed me how to use everything. They even helped me get online to use the wifi features! Great work and the system is awesome. I will definitely be recommending this company to everyone I know. Since I’m also on my HOA board here and all of these houses are the same age, I’ll be bringing Bobby’s (my salesman) cards to the next meeting.  Tammy and everyone else at the office are also a joy to work with. They made something I was dreading an enjoyable experience. Thank you guys you are the best!
Michael B.

Magnolia has dramatically reduced my energy bills. Moreover, the company makes every effort to assist me in maintaining my equipment so that it functions at peak efficiency. Magnolia’s personnel are friendly, efficient and thoughtful. It is a pleasure to work with this fine, trustworthy company. I would not hesitate to recommend Magnolia Heating and Cooling to my friends, family and neighbors.

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