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Ways to Lower Humidity in Home.

Indoor humidity is a naturally occurring phenomenon, and can often be corrected with home maintenance. If these solutions do not lower your indoor moisture, it may indicate that a more serious problem is involved that requires the assistance of a professional contractor. Here are 4 ways you can lower the humidity in your home:Check for leaks. A simple way to decrease humidity in your home is to seal any leaks in exterior walls and surfaces. Visually inspect windowsills and doorframes and hold yo...
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How lead generator services work.

For several years, the growing number of lead generator services have been on the rise. They are marketed as an online directory that allows users to read and publish crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses and contractors.Where does your contact information go?When a user wants to book an appointment with a company for a job the service will sell customer information to multiple contractors in the area so they can give them a call or email for an appointment. This becomes a problem when multi...
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Ways to lower your AC costs this Summer

Summer is almost upon us and the temperature is expected to be hotter than ever. The dog days of summer are sure to put your air conditioning system to the test. Here are a few tips to lower the cost of your electricity bill:FansWhether it be ceiling fans or portable fans, the circulation from these appliances will keep the cool air moving. You can set the air conditioner temperature several degrees higher and still feel just as cool.Programmable thermostatThese thermostats save up to 15% on you...
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Signs it's time to upgrade your cooling unit

Summer is coming up quickly with record-breaking temperatures, with no sign of slowing down. In the wake of the heatwaves to come you might be asking yourself, “Will my air conditioner last through the next hot summer?” If you are it may be time to upgrade your air conditioning unit.For a free in-home estimate Contact UsHere are a few questions to think about:Is my unit more than 10 years old?If your air conditioning unit is ten to twelve years old (or more), you can assume it has fulfilled it...
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